Rixty Review

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PROS / You can buy games, as well as songs and ringtones with this card.

CONS / The Rixty website does not provide features for online role-playing games.

VERDICT / Because gamers can redeem Rixty cards on many different websites, these cards make a very flexible gift.

Rixty, the everything card, is a great gift solution. The recipient of a Rixty game card can spend their credit across many different websites and on many different games – anywhere a Rixty card is accepted as a payment method. Users can even download songs and ringtones with the credit on this game card, but the Rixty card is mostly focused on game sites.

Purchasing Options

If your gamer redeems a Rixty card directly on the Rixty website, they can receive game currency. Although other game card websites offer more features and services such as game items and characters accounts, Rixty may actually give a gamer more purchasing options. Since gamers can use this card at any site that accepts Rixty as a payment option, they are not limited to making purchases on just one website. The only downside to giving a prepaid game card with so many purchasing options is that your gamer will have to make an effort to figure out what sites accept Rixty.

Games Served

Your gamer can spend this game card towards many games, including social games, multiplayer online games, PC downloads, and mobile games. Unfortunately, the supported games listed on their website do not include any of the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Some of the notable games they do support are Ace Online, Adventure Quest and Atlantica Online. They also include popular Facebook games such as Farmville, and gamers can simply purchase Facebook credits to use on any Facebook game. The Rixty website allows you to search for supported games, and if they do not support your desired game, the website will suggest other games that you may like because they are similar to the unsupported game.

Payment Options

To purchase a Rixty game card, you can put bills or coins into a Coinstar or Green Dot MoneyPak machine, which are found at almost every local grocery store. This is a great way to do something productive with all those pesky coins you collect as change. Also, when you use a Coinstar machine for a Rixty card, you avoid the normal service fee, and all the money you put in the machine will go onto the card.

If using a coin machine is a hassle for you, many grocery stores also sell prepaid Rixty cards in values of $5, $10 or $20. Also, some MMORPG services websites also sell Rixty game cards online.

You can now purchase a Rixty card directly on the Rixty website. Rixty offers eBillme, a secure online bank transfer, as an online payment method. They will soon allow you to make online purchases with a debit card as well.

Ease of Use

Rixty offers detailed instructions, showing gamers the process they must follow to redeem a Rixty game card for any of the games offered directly on the Rixty website. This makes redeeming a game card easy for your gamer.

This game card ranked lower in ease of use compared to other products because the most common payment method requires you to leave your home and locate a Coinstar machine.

Help & Support

Rixty provides a helpful FAQs page on their website. You can also email a request for support if the FAQs page does not answer your question. Unfortunately, there is no live chat or telephone support.


Rixty allows gamers the freedom of spending their credit on many different websites. Although the Rixty website does not provide features and services for MMORPGs, gamers will certainly find several games or songs that they will happy to obtain in exchange for their Rixty card.